Almost done the back

So I’m nearly done with the back of my top but I get the feeling that I’m going to have to start another ball to do it…

It needs to be 61 cm and its sort of there…if I stretch it! Best just finish this ball and hope for the best!

Until the next one…

One ball in

Ok, it’s gone quite well so far…the top I mean!

I’ve finished 1 ball in this project and I have made a couple of mistakes but I’m not telling you where! I’m really excited to see it finished now, just got to keep going until its REALLY long…that’s the technical term, of course! Anyway, at this rate I might finish this top quite soon. It is quite a nice one to start wit just because there are only 2, simple panels to knit and the yokes and sleeves are crocheted!

Anyway, must run! I’ll keep you updated!

Until the next one…