Flowering garden and a new job!

Right… For the last couple of weeks, my only project on the go has been the knit and crochet top because I had a couple of weeks temping work, all very exciting but straying, slightly, from the book and creatures that I set up this blog for! I would like to say that this post is completely about my creatures but, alas, I’m on a stray again! I noticed today that the snakes heads that I planted a few weeks ago have opened, and they’re so pretty!


20130415-174436.jpg 20130415-174314.jpg

My daffodils are up too! I’ll have to cut some for the house…or just bring the pot inside!!

I have much news today, I’ve been offered a job! Temporary again but longer term and they seem to keep employees and move them about so it could lead on…

The only problem is that I’m going to have less time for my creatures and blog! 😦 but I’m sure I’ll squeeze in time!

Anyway, look out for my next post…going to be pics of my book pages! I might get too excited and post them tonight too but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Until the next one…

Crochet hat

I forgot to put this up in my last post, this is a present that I made for my grandma’s birthday. I had to wait to give it to her first and have found Internet again in tesco’s car park so am sat in my car with some reeses peanut butter cups – so bad but so good!

Anyway, it’s a simple hat with a loose rim rolled up to give it a good edge


The little flower is, essentially, a crocheted strip sown into a spiral and then a couple of hanging spirals to go with it.

I quite like the colour combination but the rim should, maybe, have been a little bigger!

Until the next one…