New project

First of all, thank you so much Anastasia for nominating me for a Leibster award, I promise that I will follow the instructions as soon as I get a couple if spare minutes together!

I’m moving house a week today so, as you can imagine, it’s all a bit hectic at home! I’m one of those people that find it so hard to relax if things are out of place so today has ended up being a bad day.

I’m sure all of you wool enthusiasts already know just how relaxing a good project can be so I took one as my therapy and this is the result…


It’s a scarf / headband / ear muff. It’s my first time working in a fluffy wool and its much easier to use than I thought, I did have a little problem on the last row, I was low on wool and forgot to cast off so I had to go back but couldn’t see the stitches very well…I ended up getting my dad to undo it for me! I am glad that I have knitters nearby!

20130209-195258.jpg 20130209-195320.jpg

Please do excuse the look on my face, it really was the only ‘good’ photo I could get so I thought I’d better stick with it!

I’ve also got a hat that I crochet-ed for my grandma’s birthday to show you but I’ll leave that as a teaser for now,

Until the next one…


Finished my bag, finally

So, it’s taken me a while but I’ve finished my zpagetti bag!!


And I had a little left over to make a weird rosette thingy

20130204-093103.jpg 20130204-093116.jpg

I also got another ball of zpagetti so made another rug, and I managed to knit a whole ball to make my grey rug.

20130204-093837.jpg 20130204-093849.jpg

It does tend to roll up a little though

Until the next one…

Finished slippers

Just a quick one to show you these…


20130129-205332.jpg 20130129-212023.jpg

I’ve just added the eyes but it really finishes them off! They are so warm and cuddly but a little slippy!

Here’s how… (Let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense)

I used Rowan’s big wool in a pink (A) and grey (B) and an 8mm hook

Ch = chain
Htc = half treble crochet
Dc = double crochet
2dc = a double crochet in the next 2 stitches
Dc2 = 2 double crochets in the next stitch
Ss = slip stitch

Start in colour A
Ch2, leave the first loop quite big and pull the second quite tight
12htc into second chain from hook (12)
*dc dc2 repeat from* 6 times (18)
*2dc dc2 repeat from* 6 times (24)
dc in each (24)
*3dc dc2 repeat from* 6 times (30)

Change to colour B
dc in each (30) for 10 rounds
21dc (leaving 9 stitches in the round) turn (21)
ch dc in each (21) for 14 rounds
10dc (leaving half) fold it in half and either stitch or crochet the two sides together (on the inside of the slipper)

Change to colour A
sc in each along the edge, where your foot goes in
ss in first stitch of last round *ch2 2ss (in next 2 stitches) repeat from * until the end

Add big buttons as eyes

Until the next one…

I can’t believe that I can knit!

My grandma tried to teach me to knit when I was young and I was quite impressed with the scarf that I made. The only problem was that I kept adding stitches and had to get my dad to take it back in for me so it ended up looking like a Christmas tree! Anyway, with my crochet knowledge, I thought I might try again and my boyfriend mum gave it a go! I’m really surprised how easy it is once you can recognise the stitches! It’s brill coz I’ve got a book that I want to try patterns from but they’re knitting…now I can!


This is my first knitting trial…I’m so proud of it! Jill did the first half but I finished it and experimented with it.

20130129-162825.jpg 20130129-162853.jpg

I’m making a rug, first knitting a row as a cord and then crocheting it into the rug.

20130129-163559.jpg 20130129-163928.jpg

Oh ye, I also made these slippers for my step mum, I think I’m going to be putting buttons on as eyes though, they would look a bit like my creatures! I’ve just got to get going on mine now! Keep checking in, I’ll show you them when the buttons are on too, and (if I can work out my pattern) I’ll post it too!


Until the next one…

Found it

I finally found my photos of Reuben the rabbit that I gave to one of my great friends.

SAM_0369 (2)

I really like the ears, they’re so curly! The pom pom tail was an easy and effective one too

SAM_0372 (2)     SAM_0370 (2)

I am getting to the sheep…promice! Got this far yesterday.


Until the next one…

Productive day

Today has been brilliant. I’ve finished another animal…a pig, and a cape (mainly for Sheldon, but its on Sally the pig for now)


20130122-202418.jpg 20130122-202533.jpg

20130122-202551.jpg 20130122-202618.jpg

I made some of the stitches a different colour to make an ‘s’ I think it’s really effective!

20130122-202642.jpg 20130122-202709.jpg

Until the next one…hopefully a sheep!

Bit of a sideline

I had a day out with an awful lot of waiting so I brought my Christmas present with me, a ball of zpagetti. It’s basically long strips of fabric attached to each other to make it like wool. I just made a simple bag but its really effective.


I still want to add a trim on the top with my other ball but I was too excited to wait!


Obviously, it’s a bit thicker than normal hooks can handle, you need one of these beefy things!


Check it out here: Hoooked Zpagetti

Finished(?) my lion

I think I’ve finished the lion, I could do with opinions really…does the mane need to be a bit bigger? I was trying to make him look playful but I’m not exactly sure that it has worked completely! How could I make it better?


Also, I’m planning on doing a pig next but has anyone got any new ideas? I did try a rabbit but it turned out more like a donkey! I think I’ll give it another go soon, maybe after the pig.