First try at a top

So, I’m feeling the need for a good knitting project to have a little go at in breaks and in front of the TV…also I’ve been wanting to try a top so…

Image of Knit and Crochet Tunic

Its a lion brand pattern, free of course, from here. Its called a knit and crochet tunic if you fancy searching. Just hoping that I can stick with it long enough to get it finished.

This is as much as I’ve managed to do last night and in my lunch breaks


Until the next one…

Balcony gardening

So, I have actually done some work on my book this week…I swear that I’ll put the couple of pages that I’ve set out on here but at the moment, I’m really excited about my little balcony garden! Matt is really the one of us that is into gardening, too much dirt under nails for me, but I fancied growing some flowers and he is more of a produce gardener!

Anyway, we went for a tour of Homebase and B&Q and got daffodils, snakes heads and a few to put in together…I so haven’t forgotten the names already!

20130330-160316.jpg 20130330-161218.jpg

20130330-160609.jpg 20130330-160633.jpg

I really like the different heights of this one, can’t wait until they all flower! The taller ones’ll end up looking like this…


20130330-160737.jpg 20130330-160758.jpg

The snakes heads I’ve just potted on and the daffodils are staying in there pot for now.


I’ll keep you updated on them…provided I don’t kill them before they flower! Oh, and sorry for the state of the balcony floor, someone’s coming to fix it as soon as the estate agents sort it out…could be waiting quite a while!

Until the next one…


So, after 6 metres of fabric and 16 hours, the thundercats rug is done…almost! I’ve finished all of the crochet on it…

But all of the tags, where I’ve tied the ribbons together, are still sticking out the back!

20130324-112417.jpg 20130324-112506.jpg
Ive started to sew them in and it’s actually quite neat, I’m really excited about neatening it all up but it’s taking forever!! Rob loves it though, thank god!! His plan is to hang it on the wall now!

I think next week, I’m going to work on a few book pages. Maybe even putting in a few of the patterns and making up some graphics, I’ll pop some on here if I get them done!

Until then next one…

My First (sorta) Commision

So, I’m calling it a Commision but I’m not really sure that it is! I was talking to my neighbour, Rob, about a couple of rugs that I’ve made from zpagetti and that I’m thinking of setting up an etsy shop with them! So he asked if I could make him a thunder cats rug! Anyway, I got some fabric yesterday, so exciting! I’m not sure if I got enough, but I got 3 metres of each colour for only £6 so I’m quite impressed!

I’ve started cutting them into strips, it’s taking forever but is well worth it and much easier on the floor.

I’ve got quite a bit done already, although I have done it twice!

20130320-154040.jpg 20130320-154050.jpg
I’ll keep you posted, until the next one…

Knit and knatter

I’ve just been to a knit and knatter group at hobby craft in basingstoke, it was brilliant, the ladies were so welcoming and lovely! I’d really recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it. I made a little frog while I was there, I only had purple wool though!


And, I also finished my cat! Not so sure on the tail anymore though I’ll have to change it, make it a little thinner.


Until the next one…

Socks finally finished

So, I finished these socks a while ago but forgot to put them up. They’re lovely and warm but need breaking in a little! Also, the ends aren’t very neat but I rather like the fit! Now I just need to start on the orders for my family. My baby sister always wants one of whatever I’m making!

20130306-110236.jpg 20130306-110253.jpg

Next I’m working on a cat, so far it’s half a foot!

Until the next one…

New creatures…no names

Right, my last week at home has been quite productive in creature terms…

Firstly, I’ve made the rest of the sausage dog! It’s body has been waiting for me for quite a while now and finally has a head! The legs are a new pattern as well as the tail, I’m not quite sure on it – it’s a plait with threads dropped and a wire inside to make it stand out!


Then I made a whole new set for a new creature. The legs are based on the sausage dog legs but a bit smaller. I love it’s little belly though!

20130304-094645.jpg 20130304-094715.jpg

They became best of friends but when the sheep finally joined them…

20130304-094148.jpg …they were a bit mean!

I’ve just realised that these lot don’t have names! I’m thinking Melvyn the mouse but anyone got any suggestions??


In other news, Sally’s first test flight was a success! If not a little spin-ey.

Until the next one…

Crochet hat

I forgot to put this up in my last post, this is a present that I made for my grandma’s birthday. I had to wait to give it to her first and have found Internet again in tesco’s car park so am sat in my car with some reeses peanut butter cups – so bad but so good!

Anyway, it’s a simple hat with a loose rim rolled up to give it a good edge


The little flower is, essentially, a crocheted strip sown into a spiral and then a couple of hanging spirals to go with it.

I quite like the colour combination but the rim should, maybe, have been a little bigger!

Until the next one…

Been a while

So, a lot has been going on lately. We’ve moved into our new apartment, it’s brill but does mean no Internet! At the moment I’m connected to matts, my partner, phone. A lot of my projects are buried at the bottom of boxes and…

20130222-154852.jpg 20130222-154916.jpg
I cut my hair! It’s all going to the little princess trust, there’s 7 inches, just enough for them to use for a wig. Matt grew his hair for years to send to them do they were the obvious choice!

Back to the craft…
My crochet has taken a bit of a break while I’m discovering knitting. I’ve tried knitting in the round with 4 needles, I made a sock!! It’s got a few holes in it but, as soon as I make it a mate, I will love it and wear it forever!

I’ve also been knitting a cushion out of knitting and crochet magazine check out their facebook page

20130222-160516.jpg 20130222-160528.jpg
I got a little confused with all of the colours and there are quite a few holes between the colours, and I get the feeling that I missed a couple of rows out! – it’s going to be hard to match the back to it now!

Anyway, until the next one…