Back with a sea creature!

Hello again,

I’ve had a bit of a break from work and slight medical issue with my arm but now that’s all fixed I’m back to crochet, with renewed love and ideas!

I’ve been investigating the idea of self publicising my book and started getting it all together in one place, amazon’s self publish company,, has some great templates. It has helped me organise my thoughts etc as well as collect it all together. You can sign up for free and, if you do upload your book onto the site, you can then request copies at cost price. They are then available on Amazon either as ebooks or physical prints.

This all seems rather good to me but my partner says I should investigate publishing with a company further before this. Does anyone have any advice for me? How do you get a book published, especially a crochet book? I’ve approached a few publishers but they have said that it’s not really their type of book, have I just got to ask around more?

Anyway, on to the crochet! I must admit, I got a HUGE case of second sock syndrome on this one, the first couple of legs went OK but then it just dragged, why ever did an octopus pop into my head?

So worth it though, what do you think?



I’m not sure how to do the eyes though, I don’t think I’ll do any more of a face after them but eyes are definitely essential! Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking about making some that stand out from the top of the head but it might be a little fussy!

Just ping me a message if you fancy the pattern for any of my creatures, the plan is to post them once I’ve sorted out the kinks!

Have a good’un

Almost done the back

So I’m nearly done with the back of my top but I get the feeling that I’m going to have to start another ball to do it…

It needs to be 61 cm and its sort of there…if I stretch it! Best just finish this ball and hope for the best!

Until the next one…


So, after 6 metres of fabric and 16 hours, the thundercats rug is done…almost! I’ve finished all of the crochet on it…

But all of the tags, where I’ve tied the ribbons together, are still sticking out the back!

20130324-112417.jpg 20130324-112506.jpg
Ive started to sew them in and it’s actually quite neat, I’m really excited about neatening it all up but it’s taking forever!! Rob loves it though, thank god!! His plan is to hang it on the wall now!

I think next week, I’m going to work on a few book pages. Maybe even putting in a few of the patterns and making up some graphics, I’ll pop some on here if I get them done!

Until then next one…

Knit and knatter

I’ve just been to a knit and knatter group at hobby craft in basingstoke, it was brilliant, the ladies were so welcoming and lovely! I’d really recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about it. I made a little frog while I was there, I only had purple wool though!


And, I also finished my cat! Not so sure on the tail anymore though I’ll have to change it, make it a little thinner.


Until the next one…

Found it

I finally found my photos of Reuben the rabbit that I gave to one of my great friends.

SAM_0369 (2)

I really like the ears, they’re so curly! The pom pom tail was an easy and effective one too

SAM_0372 (2)     SAM_0370 (2)

I am getting to the sheep…promice! Got this far yesterday.


Until the next one…