Birthday dress and a couple of home comforts

Right, I am officially employed! Woop! It is, again only temporary but much longer term than the last one…just not sure quite how long yet! I’m settling in alright, getting to grips with the systems and my tasks so all good news there!

I do have some crafty news too!

20130502-202532.jpg 20130502-202554.jpg

Unfortunately this isn’t one that I’ve made, I’ve not built up the courage to yet! This one is from Primark, for my baby sister’s birthday! 3 guesses on her name! It was really quick and easy, just being a simple name, and has got me looking at all of my clothes with an ‘if I just…’ attitude.

In the vast time since my last post, I have sold an item on Etsy!!- to my mum, but it still counts!


Had a bit more progress with the front of my knit and crochet top


Bought a new cushion!!


And finally got some pictures up in our bedroom! Our contract says no picture hangers/nails without specific permission! This has lead to a canvas above the cupboard door and these photos hooked on to the ledge on the wardrobe! I do love ribbon everywhere though! I think it looks better than if I just hung them!


Do you have any great work-a-rounds? I do love them…post them and then send us a link and we’ll have a showcase!

Until the next one…