My First (sorta) Commision

So, I’m calling it a Commision but I’m not really sure that it is! I was talking to my neighbour, Rob, about a couple of rugs that I’ve made from zpagetti and that I’m thinking of setting up an etsy shop with them! So he asked if I could make him a thunder cats rug! Anyway, I got some fabric yesterday, so exciting! I’m not sure if I got enough, but I got 3 metres of each colour for only £6 so I’m quite impressed!

I’ve started cutting them into strips, it’s taking forever but is well worth it and much easier on the floor.

I’ve got quite a bit done already, although I have done it twice!

20130320-154040.jpg 20130320-154050.jpg
I’ll keep you posted, until the next one…


5 thoughts on “My First (sorta) Commision

    1. I’m not sure what it’s called but its just the cheapest I could find! It’s actually quite good because it doesn’t seem to be fraying much and has a funky texture. You should definitely make you’re own, it’s very slow to make the ribbons but it’ll be just perfect and should be quite a bit cheaper!

  1. You are so brave cutting up all that material! Yes, its definitely a commission and if it goes well I may have another one for you…! x

    1. Ah, brilliant! I’ll keep you posted but I’m hoping I can finish it by the end of this week. It’s not too bad, the fabric was cheap and I like to crochet everything! Lol

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