New creatures…no names

Right, my last week at home has been quite productive in creature terms…

Firstly, I’ve made the rest of the sausage dog! It’s body has been waiting for me for quite a while now and finally has a head! The legs are a new pattern as well as the tail, I’m not quite sure on it – it’s a plait with threads dropped and a wire inside to make it stand out!


Then I made a whole new set for a new creature. The legs are based on the sausage dog legs but a bit smaller. I love it’s little belly though!

20130304-094645.jpg 20130304-094715.jpg

They became best of friends but when the sheep finally joined them…

20130304-094148.jpg …they were a bit mean!

I’ve just realised that these lot don’t have names! I’m thinking Melvyn the mouse but anyone got any suggestions??


In other news, Sally’s first test flight was a success! If not a little spin-ey.

Until the next one…

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