Been a while

So, a lot has been going on lately. We’ve moved into our new apartment, it’s brill but does mean no Internet! At the moment I’m connected to matts, my partner, phone. A lot of my projects are buried at the bottom of boxes and…

20130222-154852.jpg 20130222-154916.jpg
I cut my hair! It’s all going to the little princess trust, there’s 7 inches, just enough for them to use for a wig. Matt grew his hair for years to send to them do they were the obvious choice!

Back to the craft…
My crochet has taken a bit of a break while I’m discovering knitting. I’ve tried knitting in the round with 4 needles, I made a sock!! It’s got a few holes in it but, as soon as I make it a mate, I will love it and wear it forever!

I’ve also been knitting a cushion out of knitting and crochet magazine check out their facebook page

20130222-160516.jpg 20130222-160528.jpg
I got a little confused with all of the colours and there are quite a few holes between the colours, and I get the feeling that I missed a couple of rows out! – it’s going to be hard to match the back to it now!

Anyway, until the next one…


4 thoughts on “Been a while

  1. The sock is wonderful – you’re very brave to be trying knitting with 4 needles. I have major bother with just 2! And the hair is great too!

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