My latest crochet obsession

I’ve loved crochet ever since my partner taught me how to make a granny square about 4 years ago and, since then, I’ve hardly put my hook down. I have a year before I go on to my teacher training course, so I’ve decided to write my own book of crochet patterns.


First I’ve created a dog, Sheldon, he looks a bit quizzical really. He got me thinking though, that I could make a range of creatures from the same rough shapes by changing the legs, ears or tail etc.


After Sheldon, I made a cow, the only things I changed were the colours, ears, tail and made the feet flat. I also added nostrils, spots and an udder. It’s now been adopted by my step mum, keeping her company when she’s in the office.



I’ll keep you updated when the next one comes along, I’m just finishing a lion at the moment. I’d love to hear any comments or improvements you can think of, just comment.

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