Back with a sea creature!

Hello again,

I’ve had a bit of a break from work and slight medical issue with my arm but now that’s all fixed I’m back to crochet, with renewed love and ideas!

I’ve been investigating the idea of self publicising my book and started getting it all together in one place, amazon’s self publish company,, has some great templates. It has helped me organise my thoughts etc as well as collect it all together. You can sign up for free and, if you do upload your book onto the site, you can then request copies at cost price. They are then available on Amazon either as ebooks or physical prints.

This all seems rather good to me but my partner says I should investigate publishing with a company further before this. Does anyone have any advice for me? How do you get a book published, especially a crochet book? I’ve approached a few publishers but they have said that it’s not really their type of book, have I just got to ask around more?

Anyway, on to the crochet! I must admit, I got a HUGE case of second sock syndrome on this one, the first couple of legs went OK but then it just dragged, why ever did an octopus pop into my head?

So worth it though, what do you think?



I’m not sure how to do the eyes though, I don’t think I’ll do any more of a face after them but eyes are definitely essential! Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking about making some that stand out from the top of the head but it might be a little fussy!

Just ping me a message if you fancy the pattern for any of my creatures, the plan is to post them once I’ve sorted out the kinks!

Have a good’un

Advanced nesting

Ok, it’s hard to deny the fact that I’m seriously nesting in our flat now! The last couple of weekends have been entirely furniture focused.

Project 1:

This is an old chair that my grandma gave me for the new flat. I started sanding it down by hand but after about 2 hours I decided enough was enough and went on a trip to B&Q! It still took another couple of hours to sand down the rest of it with my new precision machine sander! I know, I hear your ‘oohhs’ and ‘ahhs’ from here! Anyway, I’m undecided if I like the fact that the varnish took a bit of my paint off or if I’m annoyed by it…I definitely like the birds anyhow!

Project 2:

I would love to tell you that I did all of this myself, spent hours concentrating on minute details and finally realised this wonderful creation but, unfortunately, my better half reads my blog and he might not be impressed! – you won’t like him when he’s mildly un-impressed…ye, I know not even a minor link really, I’ve just been watching too many movies!!

Anyway, the point is that my partner printed out a risk board map, scalpeled it into the table then spent most of last weekend, his week nights and today painstakingly painting each country on to our wonderful table. Now this table has been passed down from my step mum who was passed it from here mum so…I hope that they like risk! We were going to play on it tonight but the attraction of Mario party 8 is way to much for mere crafters such as us to escape!

Project 3:

I think that my partner is exceptionally happy that this one is finally finished, since the day we moved in I’ve been saying that we need bookshelves. Even with a big box full of books, he disputed this as a requirement. Now, I will agree that food is mildly more important week by week but who can live without neatly stacked books and trinkets on display?? Not me, I can tell you that!

We saw a billy bookcase a while ago at ikea that had a really funky design on the back and was going to get that on our latest reccie but it wasn’t there, the next best thing just didn’t quite cut it so, we snuck into B&Q like the crafty ninjas that we are and found these amazing samples of wallpaper just jumping into our arms! A bit of PVA later and a lot of pushing to get the back in place and you have a wallpapered bookshelf! I love them and can finally display my essentials!

All of these were way easier than I thought they would be, I can’t speak for the risk table of course! So if you are hesitant I would say just go for it, most things can be sanded, stripped or hidden if they don’t work!

Until the next one…

I’ve got the knitting bug

Being a crocheter at heart, picking up a couple of needles and learning to knit was something I saw as a bit of a chore, to only be used when I found an amazing pattern and couldn’t work out how to crochet it instead!

How wrong could I be!! I’ve not only carried on with my purple knit and crochet top, it is coming along…i swear, but I’ve also (started) a new sock


20130601-163345.jpg 20130601-163353.jpg

And it looks like pacman!! Hehe


I also started another top, trying circular needles!! Not exactly sure how it’ll turn out but It’s really loose to knit and relaxing!

eBay gave me this wonderful machine, it’s for making knitted cords. Started this poof too, kind of prefer it on the back actually…



Ooh, also the lilies have also bloomed, they’re beautiful!!


A lot on the go…share all of your half finished projects!!

Until the next one…

Birthday dress and a couple of home comforts

Right, I am officially employed! Woop! It is, again only temporary but much longer term than the last one…just not sure quite how long yet! I’m settling in alright, getting to grips with the systems and my tasks so all good news there!

I do have some crafty news too!

20130502-202532.jpg 20130502-202554.jpg

Unfortunately this isn’t one that I’ve made, I’ve not built up the courage to yet! This one is from Primark, for my baby sister’s birthday! 3 guesses on her name! It was really quick and easy, just being a simple name, and has got me looking at all of my clothes with an ‘if I just…’ attitude.

In the vast time since my last post, I have sold an item on Etsy!!- to my mum, but it still counts!


Had a bit more progress with the front of my knit and crochet top


Bought a new cushion!!


And finally got some pictures up in our bedroom! Our contract says no picture hangers/nails without specific permission! This has lead to a canvas above the cupboard door and these photos hooked on to the ledge on the wardrobe! I do love ribbon everywhere though! I think it looks better than if I just hung them!


Do you have any great work-a-rounds? I do love them…post them and then send us a link and we’ll have a showcase!

Until the next one…

Etsy and book pages

Ok, really I knew that I’d get too excited and do this post tonight but, what can I say? – I’m a tease!

My first announcement is that I have an Etsy shop! Ta-dah! It’s only got one item on it at the moment but I can easily put more on later. It’s really quite easy to set up, not the mammoth task that I had assumed it was! Check it out here!

Also, the long awaited book pages…not much text really but this is what I want them to look like! – at the moment anyway!




Sorry about the pictures, ended up having to take a photo of my screen!

Let me know what you think of the pages, could do with all the feedback you have to give!

Until the next one…

Flowering garden and a new job!

Right… For the last couple of weeks, my only project on the go has been the knit and crochet top because I had a couple of weeks temping work, all very exciting but straying, slightly, from the book and creatures that I set up this blog for! I would like to say that this post is completely about my creatures but, alas, I’m on a stray again! I noticed today that the snakes heads that I planted a few weeks ago have opened, and they’re so pretty!


20130415-174436.jpg 20130415-174314.jpg

My daffodils are up too! I’ll have to cut some for the house…or just bring the pot inside!!

I have much news today, I’ve been offered a job! Temporary again but longer term and they seem to keep employees and move them about so it could lead on…

The only problem is that I’m going to have less time for my creatures and blog! 😦 but I’m sure I’ll squeeze in time!

Anyway, look out for my next post…going to be pics of my book pages! I might get too excited and post them tonight too but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Until the next one…

Almost done the back

So I’m nearly done with the back of my top but I get the feeling that I’m going to have to start another ball to do it…

It needs to be 61 cm and its sort of there…if I stretch it! Best just finish this ball and hope for the best!

Until the next one…

One ball in

Ok, it’s gone quite well so far…the top I mean!

I’ve finished 1 ball in this project and I have made a couple of mistakes but I’m not telling you where! I’m really excited to see it finished now, just got to keep going until its REALLY long…that’s the technical term, of course! Anyway, at this rate I might finish this top quite soon. It is quite a nice one to start wit just because there are only 2, simple panels to knit and the yokes and sleeves are crocheted!

Anyway, must run! I’ll keep you updated!

Until the next one…